Hozana Schuindt

Greenwich Photographer Working In Fairfield, Westchester & NYC

Who I Am

Hozana Schuindt is a freelance photographer with a passion for capturing inner beauty even when she’s photographing flawless beauties. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she has a native daughter’s sense of joy, refined by years of living and working in London, New York, and Greenwich, Ct. Hozana has shot many marketing campaigns, but her greatest love is to reveal the inexpressible, the soul of her subject.

Why I Love What I do

My signature is in creating beautifully lighted photographs that capture the love of families, the smallest moments that carry a deeper meaning, and at the core of each portrait: the personality of each subject. Over the years I’ve developed the reputation for imbuing each session with both warmth and friendly professionalism.

It’s my great pleasure as your photographer to help you preserve the the warmth and joy of family life. My portraits are natural and filled with light. I’m available to capture all the memories: from maternity photos to family portraits and holiday cards, and in sessions that document childhood from tender newborn faces to proud high school Seniors.

The same careful attention to presenting each subject at their best goes into my professional portraits and headshots. Your photo will stand out on company profiles and social media, taken in a setting that is tailored to your field of work. I take the time to infuse each session with a fresh outlook that is evident in the final results.

I also provide extraordinary work for special events, which I approach with both discretion and thoroughness. Each guest will receive the benefit of shots that are meant to flatter and preserve the special moments that always pop up at these occasions.

Please contact me for more information on any of these sessions, or to discuss a more customized approach to your portrait needs: Hozana Schuindt at Info@hozanaschuindt.com

My Most Popular Sessions

Family Portraits


Holiday Cards


Maternity & Newborn


Portrait & Headshots for Professionals

Charming Events

Senior Portraits

The process

Being a constantly exhausted mom looking for complicated services, I created a business that could provide no-frills photography for other moms, authors, websites, business…We always need to simplify our lives, but without compromise it’s quality.

I am a personal, professional and friendly photographer. I couldn’t be happier with my growing customer base. Today 80-95% of my customer are regular happy clients, they always indicate my service to new customers and have their annual sessions years after years.

If you have a session coming up, try my relaxed booking process, friendly and fun session, and a no-frill selecting and payment. I am ready when you are, please reach out at info@hozanaschuindt.com