The Process

It’s ironic that capturing natural spontaneity takes planning and forethought. So I thought I’d talk about what makes a shoot successful.
I talk more than most people but I also like to listen. And listening to client expectations and desires lays the groundwork for a stress-free and successful shoot.

At the initial consult, we’ll talk about the number of people to be photographed, pets, location, nature of the event, time of day, as well as suggestions for clothing. I photograph in daylight for a soft, natural look. Having two kids myself enables me to connect with other children easily, making the session fun as well as exciting.

We’ll talk about what to wear and how to tell a story using objects – things like hats, sports gear, even balloons. I have lots of ideas but love it when clients are engaged in the creative process.

A note on locations: In general, clients are happiest with locations that have personal memories; a favorite tree, an old stone wall, etc. Beaches are more serene than playgrounds, gardens are more restful, while homes capture memories of a special place.