About Me

Have you ever stood on the same spot as a famous photographer and taken a snapshot, only to find that it was missing something. Me too. Then I had my first child and began to understand. The kids awakened me to a new way of seeing and a new reality; it’s not the lens in front of your eyes, it’s the one behind your eyes. I began to see them as miracles – miracles with a unique spirit. And discovered that if I wanted to capture the spirit of a child, I had to let go of control and let that spirit express itself as it wanted.

After many shootings and countless blurry pictures I was finally able to capture the magic, the energy, the unique light that shines from each child. And later, from the families they came from.

Working as a freelancer photographer helped me to understand that although I enjoy photographing fashion, still, food, architecture… I have greater joy photographing people. I feel energized capturing unique moments, creating a beautiful fashion campaign, meeting new people, witnessing wedding vows, to taking family portraits that will bring smiles in someone’s face, helping to improve’s a professional career with a positive headshot, improving the impact of a charity event, having fun with children.

When I was young I saw nature as God’s great creation, somehow through my work now I see people as His great creation.And it’s a privilege to take part in so many people’s life through my work.

C. S. Lewis put this way, “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” And I have the pleasure to capture theses moments of heaven on earth. About me? I am blessed indeed.